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I love the topics discussed on skin and how its health is innately connected to our psychology and emotional state. Marion Simms, the founder of SkinSense Wellness, is one of the best known in the industry to educate estheticians and the companies specializing on skin care products. Today, I would like to base our discussion points on Marion’s knowledge about the emotional issues that lie behind the reasons why people go after those stubborn places on their skin to achieve a “perfect” look.

When we see beautiful models strutting along the stage, we can’t but notice every detail that is not in us. Their figures, makeup, gracefulness, look, and of course, their skin. Made to glow and draw us to them, skin is an amazing organ to make things look beautiful. Our brain tells us we cannot look like that in real life. Yet our emotional state is always stirred up and can be affected dramatically by the standards set up by the beauty industry.

The stereotyping perfection is dangerous for any age and gender. We may think that as we grow older, we may change our minds. Nope. It’s not how the minds work. We desire beauty and youth and perfection at any stage of our biological living. Yet younger generation may fall victim to the beauty standards more frequently than any other age group.

Let’s take a look into such misconceptions like making ourselves look “perfects” and what really lies behind it. Without makeup, photoshop and a ton of makeup artists, there’s no way you can present “perfection” in anything.

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  1. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Skin Picking Is Addictive

    An interesting piece of statistics.

    According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstr­uctive Surgery, increased photo-sharing has resulted in a higher demand for rhinoplasty, hair transplants and eye surgery, as well as injectable fillers and neurotoxins like Botox.

    A 2014 Dove study noted, “Five million disparaging tweets were posted by women about beauty and most of those were about themselves.” The results also showed that “women are twice as likely to say that their conception of beauty is shaped by women in the public domain.”

    All of the above shapes the state of our minds and psychological response. Thought the latter can be destructive and push a ton of stress onto a person.

    The misconception that Beauty Starts With the Skin or Hair or Body Shape or Eye Color – HUGE, HUGE MISCONCEPTION!

    But knowing what lies behind that misconception could be a powerful tool for girls, women, and entire families to navigate through the public eye of “perfection.”

    Even if it does not relate to you family to a bigger extent – it is exceptionally important to RECOGNIZE the signs of “beauty perfection chase” around you. It could be your family member or a friend who may need your guidance and support when it comes to supporting them through the process of eye opening on what the real issues are.

    skin picking, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • wendi watson says

      i dont filter or anything i figure I’m who I am and I accept it all No altering here!!! I love what my Lord gave me!!

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        This is something we truly need to be thankful for.
        Yet there are ton of women who are not comfortable in their skin, literally.
        It is a complicated process of not being accepted by your own self. All starts early in life or during a tragic event.
        We need to be aware of these things and recognize them to reach out and support that person in need.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I don’t know anyone who is like this! My sister is always wanting to “look her best” but has never sought out surgery to do it. She would be the closest one.

      • i agree Wendi
        i am who i am so that is just me i could lose a few pounds but no surgery for me we are all made different for a reason i can see how some ppl dont feel comfortable in there skin it is all about society and who we are to look all the model they are not healthy in my book just be who you are

    • Nobody around me has done any facial surgeries.

    • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

      Amanda, Karen,
      It is not about Us and we don’t need to deal with.
      It is about others.
      It is about bringing AWARENESS to OURSELVES First – then extending our support with KNOWLEDGE of what may be going on to OTHERS who need it, but do not ask or even know to ask it.

    • mary taylor says

      I think I do this skin picking. I break out in hives , right before my monthly starts and I start picking them, it leads to scars , which I have some. I tried some home made soap recently so I hope this helps

  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says
  3. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    am coffee

    Physical Damage from Skin Picking

    Even though the mind says that picking is harmful to the skin, millions of skin pickers do it anyway.

    The psychological motifs lying behind the process are so powerful that skin picking can be compared to an addiction.

    Many people get down to the process of picking on their skin when they are especially stressed. The triggers can be many, yet they affect their self-esteem that prompts them to get down to that which will give them relief – picking on their own skin. They know what is harmful, but they do it again and again.

    Psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry, flaky skin can all be partially attributed to the excess cortisol and oil that is produced as a stress response. Hormones, neuropeptides and other signaling molecules also released during these times can be as aging as sunlight because they break down proteins and DNA.

    People want to quickly “FIX” their skin or condition, and they revert to damaging and harmful picking. But the process of skin picking give the people a sense of “control” over the situation and brings relief of stress.

    It is not a minute issues. People go through the damaging process for years before they take the issues to the doctor’s. Thinking that it’s their fault to have less than a perfect skin and looks has layers of self-abuse and damage that call for support and in many cases medical intervention.

    skin picking, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      When I “pick” at my skin, it’s usually because there is a pimple or blackhead that I just can’t stand to look at anymore – not because I’m stressed! 🙂 I’ve been lucky that my eczema has never appeared on my face but I have had to deal with cystic acne.

      • my oh my did not even know this but i have my grandson who dose this to his fingers or his sores we have to put meds on them and a bandage and tell him to stop or he will lose some thing he likes

    • I had acne as a teenager but so did most kids around me. Thought it was part of that time in life.

    • mary taylor says

      IM guilty of this, and its stress and it leaves scars

  4. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Skin Picking Starts With A Mind Set

    Frequently, chronic skin picking is a deeply psychological process.

    It has to be handled by professionals. Yet support that people need and can receive from family and trusted friends is exceptionally important, as it adds to their strength that they can handle it and change the situation around.

    Digging to the root of the problem – those triggers that start skin picking – is essential. Usually the professionals ask their clients to become aware of times and places when they start skin picking and pinpoint the “WHY” identifying a trigger or even a circuit of triggers that lead to a harmful process of skin picking.

    Supporting your loved ones and friends in the process of healing – Inside-Out – is something that is our responsibility and obligation before those that we are connected in life.

    Being accepting and caring, guiding those people on the path to the self-healing and helping them to make a decision to take an issue to the professionals – that is is our part, our role that is integral and filled with gratefulness. Helping someone with issues like skin picking could be a life changer for all involved.

    Skin is an important representation of Who We Are. Helping those around us and supporting them on the path of their self-healing and professional healing is our responsibility and highest honor we get in life.

    skin picking, skin health, am coffee, amcoffee

    • i agree we are here to help them

    • A great support group is something everyone deserves. But not everyone has that luxury.

      • Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

        More often than not, we do not get an “official” support group per se.
        What each and every one of us could do is to recognize the signs when a person needs HELP without telling anybody about their personal need.
        That is why these mini AM Coffee’s are about bringing awareness about and of and to different issues that single one of us is prone to get depending on our weak link.
        The support will make the difference in everybody’s life. It is a POWERFUL tool in our collection.

    • mary taylor says

      My picking is from stress, a week before my monthy starts I break out in hives and start picking, mostly on the back of my legs and arms and neck. I am trying a homemade soap and hopefully this helps

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