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Probiotics Are Life. No Exaggeration.

We have discussed on several occasions the benefits of probiotics and what role they play in our overall health. Probiotics are by far the cheapest and easiest way to prevents colds, flus and other common illnesses…if used correctly. Unfortunately, most people use them incorrectly.  Don’t waste your money on probiotics! Learn how to use them correctly so they work as well as possible.

Probiotics are good bacteria that crowd out the bad bacteria, viruses and yeast by using up all the food and space so the bad guys have no room to grow. They mainly live in the gut or intestines. To get there, they travel through the stomach. If you’ve recently eaten something, your stomach has enzymes and acid in it to break down your food. The enzymes and acid will break down your probiotic capsule, killing the good bacteria!

My co-host Dr. Karen Vieira will point out her TOP 3 DO’s when it comes to probiotics and their consumption. Check out Dr. Karen’s credentials to get to know her better!

Dr. Karen Vieira, Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Karen Vieira, Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

There are 3 rules to make your probiotics work.

Do You Know What They Are?


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    PROBIOTICS is the theme for discussion and good reminders to all of us.

    Good gut bacterial – our internal flora – is the platform from which our health and well-being is launched. Having it all balanced inside there will ensure strong immune system and our bodily response to different pathogen attacks on our health.

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  2. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says


    Empty Stomach

    Take probiotics on an empty stomach. That way, they can make it through the stomach with no danger from acid, enzymes or food and get all the way to the gut, where they will “move in” and leave no room for the bad guys who can make you sick. The best time to take probiotics is first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, long before you eat anything.

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    Take it with cold or room temperature liquid, never with a hot beverage. The hot liquid will start to dissolve the capsule right away, meaning that the probiotic may not make it all the way to the gut where it needs to get to. Drink your coffee or tea a little while after rather than with your probiotics.

    Probiotics and their benefits

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    After taking probiotics don’t eat anything for at least half hour if you can. That gives the good bacteria time to get down into the gut before you put anything in your stomach.

    Probiotics benefits on Gut flora

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  8. Dr. Karen Vieira says

    Good morning everyone.

  9. Laura, Celebrate Woman Today says

    Here’s a great way to refresh your knowledge from our previous conversation on PROBIOTICS.

    It is important and VITAL to know such facts as that:

    – Important gut bacteria passes from mother to child through natural birth and breast milk. – New Mothers, read this!
    – The ratio of good to bad bacteria can be distributed by eating highly processed, sterilized, and pasteurized foods. – We all need to be aware of this fact and act pro-actively to keep the balance at its optimum!
    Allergies are a hallmark of an imbalance in the gut bacteria. – Wow, do you remember this fact?

    Plus, there are a lot of more data and facts we covered in that previous AM Coffee conversation. It is always beneficial to refresh our knowledge about things like this one!

    Probiotics benefits

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