July 12 – A Week At A Glance
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Grab a cup ‘o Joe and share what’s on your mind for an hour on this SATURDAY, JYLY 12.

This past week has been long and short. Time does go so quickly when we are so busy with living our lives.

Let’s reflect on the past week’s conversations and make deliberate choices what resonates with us and what we need more time to ease into! It is a good way to re-visit different topics and discover something new we may have value of in our daily living.

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    Today is a day to reflect on what we’ve covered in the week behind us. It would allow you to catch up on those things you may have missed and practice/repeat the facts that would “stick” better in your memory!

    sign in am coffee

  2. CoffeeTime says

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  3. CoffeeTime says

    5 MYTHS About Aging

    There are top 5 things that seemingly fall apart first when we advance in our biological aging growth.

    My favorite is the Myth about joints. Aside any accidents and gene pool, we can take care of our JOINTS with simple steps that require our daily attention.

    Obviously we need to invest time into our diet, maintain healthy weigth, get enough bone-building components like Calcium, Vitamin D, Glocosamine and weight-baring exercises.

    What is your favorite Aging Myth from our Monday discussion that could be undone with a lifestyle change?

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      The myth about the joints is mine. I was told around age 30-35 that I had the body of a 65 year old. I use to show off and say look what I can do and now I am paying for it.

    • The myth that as we age sexual functions decrease, As we get older we get busier and busier and we stop thinking about it.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Probably would have to agree the joints, they are definitely one aside from accidents we can control and fix through changes to keep healthier longer 🙂

    • Katrina A. says

      Memory loss as you age. My Grandma is one smart cookie so that is sooooo a myth.

  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee
    TOP 5 High Fat Foods That Make A Difference in Your Health

    If you’ve never quite mastered those multi-step smoky eye tutorials, here’s good news: It’s out of fashion this season, repl – See more at: http://celebratewomantoday.com/2014/07/12/top-5-beauty-tips-summer-beauty-makeover/#sthash.COyZ6qnb.dpuf
    The key is to focus on foods that have MONO-UN-SATURATED and POLY-UN-SATURATED fats. Eliminate all TRANS and SATURATED fats from your diet!

    One of my favorite high fat foods to use in recipes is Avocados. I could not stand this fruit for a long time in my life, but really liked it in recipes.

    One medium avocado boasts of about 30 grams of fat. Eating it with salsa and salads is something we should attempt doing. Moderation is good for everything and at all times. But we gotta make time and effort for foods that bring us delicious flavors and health.

    What do you think you could incorporate into your daily living from the high fat foods listed on our Tuesday Conversation thread?


    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I just started using avocado in my facials so I think I am going to try it in my dips too. I has a distinct taste you can;t describe but would work in dips.

    • Ill skip the avocado, I never cared for them. And I only fix eggs on the weekend. Maybe once a month I will fix breakfast for supper and make eggs.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      There are many on list cannot have for medical reasons such as avocados high in potassium, but do love eggs and olive oil, could probably incorporate more into my diet 🙂

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I made eggs this morning and had toast with avacado. Might be too much fat in one meal, but it was worth it, so good!!

    • Katrina A. says

      I’ll keep yummy eggs in the loop.

  5. CoffeeTime says

    Flip Flops And The Health of Your Feet

    Millions of feet tread on the Earth in flip flops daily! They are so cute and beautiful and dazzling! The marketers make sure these flip flops wonders come in every style, color and make! But are we aware of what health havoc they can bring onto our health overall… starting from feet?

    What was your most unexpected revelation about flip flops from our Wednesday talk?

    flip flops

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I had kinda but not really realized that our feet are home to our pressure points for our organs and systems.

    • I think Im a flipflop queen. I would wear them year round if I didn’t leave in WV and it gets cold. I usually don’t even wear shoes in the house.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Very good to know my girls love to wear flip flops, I unfortunately cannot due to leg braces. I do wear the padded Adidas with no between toes and Velcro only things that fit for summer that can afford. 🙂

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I rechecked to make sure all my sandals have some support.

    • Katrina A. says

      I know all the bad things they can do to your feet but they seem to help mine for some reason.

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Foods That Are Better Off Cooked

    Please note that eating Fresh and Raw veggies is the best way to get your phytonutrients.

    What we were doing in our Thursday #AMCoffee is putting an emphasis on some of the vegetables that release Extra Super Nutrition when they are cooked, or should we say Heated.

    There are not many of them. But the benefits that come with consuming these veggies in a heated form like grilling, stewing and similar healthier options, is Immense!

    My favorite is Tomatoes. Lycopene that may guard us from Heart Diseases and cancers is released ONLY when tomatoes are heated!

    What was your “revelation” from our conversation on Thursday?

    roasted tomatoes

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I like the red cabbage because you get 85% of daily does needed of vitamin C and 20% of vitamin A. I also love cabbage.

    • We grow tomatoes in the garden every year. I home can as much as I can. I even made home made spaghetti sauce the last 2 years.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Missed this, great to know, am mostly a raw veggie eater when can get to stores to get fresh. Thank you so glad shared again!! 🙂

    • Katrina A. says

      I never knew cooked veggies could bring out the good stuff. Thought it cooked out the vitamins.

  7. CoffeeTime says

    Foods We Go After When We Need These Vitamins

    Omega-3 DHA amino acids

    These are just a few from a cohort of nutritional values that we get when we include foods with their content into our diet.

    I know that I need to up my intake of Magnesium. Exercise and running depletes minerals and electrolytes from our bodies, so we gotta be more thoughtful in replacing them. I started getting cramps in my legs, which is a sign of lack of electrolytes like magnesium.

    What is your “lacking” vitamin/electrolyte from our Friday discussion you gotta be paying attention to?


    • Rebecca Swenor says

      When I have a flare-up I get restless leg syndrome bad. Sometimes it drives me nuts so I am thinking I lack magnesium. I also get spasms in my back.

    • I think Im lacking vitiamns that some from fruit. Its easy in the summer and fall do get fresh fruits and vegtables but in the winter its not so easy.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Right now potassium too high am now stage 2 chronic kidney disease so have to watch out for but am also very vitamin D deficient so trying to work on balancing a diet for me.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Right now I’m doing okay on my vitamins and electrolytes, but I am trying to be more aware.

    • Katrina A. says

      I’s say all of the above…lol

  8. CoffeeTime says

    Have you had yours when you were 16?

    sweet 16 birthday cake

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Gorgeous cakes and I love the Sweet 16 Butterfly Birthday Cake the best. It is the green and silver one. Thanks for sharing these beauties Laura.

    • So pretty, I just keep thinking of all the time it took to make these cakes and then people eat them and there gone.

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Beautiful love the butterflies also but they are all so nicely detailed. I did not have a cake for 16 was taken on vacation instead 🙂

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Lovely cakes. I didn’t have a sweet sixteen, hmmmmm it’s never too late……maybe for my second childhood?

    • Katrina A. says

      Fun. I don’t really remember having a sweet 16. That time in my life was hectic.

  9. CoffeeTime says



    CROCS buddy blanket

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