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April 10 – Why Coffee Is Good For You
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Woman enjoying coffeeGrab a cup ‘o Joe and share what’s on your mind for an hour on this Thursday, April 10.

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Well, this is Thursday, and you and I have been at it for a few days. We’ve learned a lot this past week together. We’ve posed many more questions that will be answered later.

As far as #AMCoffee, we gotta talk about Coffee Benefits. For a long time, coffee drinking habit wasn’t in the favorites from the medical point of view. Yet, these days more and more studies are coming out that coffee is a great part of the day! Like anythng else, dump not a ton of it into your stomach. Rather enjoy the conversation and the ambiance each cup of coffee is designed to bring with it… along with all other benefits inside!

Just read the study that coffee lowers Liver Cancer Risk. Isn’t that marvelous?! That’s exciting indeed.

Let’s dig a bit more and remind ourselves – and then share all that we learn here with others – of good and great benefits of coffee!

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  1. CoffeeTime says

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  2. CoffeeTime says

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  3. CoffeeTime says

    New and off the press by Brenda Goodman –> People who drink at least 1 cup of coffee a day have lower risk of liver cancer compared to those who only drink coffee occasionally.

    Facts about this study

    – This study started in 1990s
    – Over 180,000 adults of different ethnicities and backgrounds participated
    – People who drank 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day had a 29% reduced risk of liver cancer compared to those who drank 6 cups or less each week
    – People who drank more than 4 cups of coffee a day had a 42% reduced risk of liver cancer

    FYI: The study was designed to show association, not to prove a cause-and-effect relationship. That means that there may be something else common in coffee drinkers that reduces cancer risk

    More earlier studies have been conducted that link coffee drinking to lower cancer risks.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Ok now I need to get dh to drink more coffee! He has a family history of liver problems (not necessarily cancer though)

    • Jessica Parent says

      I’ve been scolded by my doctor for many years over my coffee habit of 24-48 oz a day (not that I listened). I have cut down here and there when they ask me to for one reason or another (like when I’m pregnant its closer to 24 oz a day) but have researched and debated back with them that it IS good for me. I haven’t been able to nor wanted to give it up since our love affair started over 20 yrs ago 😉

      • CoffeeTime says

        What’s your favorite way of drinking coffee?
        Any favorite Flavors and Brands?

        • Jessica Parent says

          My favorite brand id most def. Tim Hortons (I swear they put something in it 😉 Its what I drink most and cry over when I spill/cant have it ) but at home I love our local grocery chain’s house brand (Wegman’s)…I like regular coffee with lots of cream no sugar.Occasionally I have a sweetened cup of vanilla roast but find one scoop of vanilla in reg. coffee (while making a pot) Really brings out the “coffee” flavor (and u don’t taste the vanilla)

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        Love the love affair comment that is cute.:)

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      Well always drink coffee woo

    • maybe it’s the de-stressing that helps ?? 🙂

    • I am an occasional coffee dranker…guess I better up my coffee intake

      • CoffeeTime says

        for every person coffee has its own effect. Some ppl just cannot drink it, too much for them.
        I am the one who is very particular about how I drink my coffee or what brands I use.

        My favorite brand of coffee is Don Pablo, their original flavor.

        • I can handle 1 or 2 cups..I really like cinnamon bun creamers and the gas station had an oatmeal cookie coffee I was in love with.. but they rotated it out…boo

        • Karen Hinkle says

          I just drink what ever is on sale I have never went to coffee shops I cannot afford them they are not in my budget so I don’t even attempt to try I don’t want a bad habit I cant afford LOL

          • CoffeeTime says

            Understand where you’re coming from.

            May I suggest that coffee shops are some of the coolest places on Earth? You know why? Because we at least DOUBLE the benefits of coffee –> 1. Have a great company we enjoy + 2. Pick something to drink we usually do not do at home

            So, occasional trips to a coffee joint are OK!

            I gotta get you out and invite to visit one –> on the house!

          • I understand that..I Would only get the gas station coffee on Sunday on the was to church and it was less than 2$ for the size I got

          • Rebecca Swenor says

            Walmart brands are great tasting coffee. I get the Colombian from there and it is cheaper. 🙂

          • Mandi Gilliam says

            Yep!!! They are super pricy around here!!!

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Wow!! I had no clue!! I drink coffee occasionally. I used to drink it everyday when I had a nice coffee machine. Now all I have is this crappy coffee pot that spits out, only warm coffee. 🙁 now I don’t drink it as much.

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Time to get a new coffee machine!! I mean wow look at those statistics!!! Cancer runs very high in my family. NOTED!! Thank you 🙂

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I didn’t know this and it is great info. I drink about a pot of coffee a day usually. Lately I have cut back to like half that. I am so thankful for AM Coffee because all the info has really got me thinking more about my health and that of my family.

    • Karen Hinkle says

      I only drink about 3 cups a day unless we go out to eat then its more but dint know that about the liver cancer that’s great infor I didn’t even know so thatnks

    • I do not drink coffee nor think I ever will. I love the smell of it but honestly could not drink it. Put it in some brownies and I am good to go!

  4. CoffeeTime says


    Picked out some amazing and helpful facts about Coffee Drinking Habit (from Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD)

    #AMCoffee drinking, research findings suggest, may be better for you than you think.

    FACT: Coffee is rich in antioxidants that protect our body from diseases.

    Studies have shown that coffee may

    – Reduce Cavities
    – Improve Moods
    – Stop Headaches
    – Boost Athletic performance
    – Reduce risk of type 2 Diabetes
    – Lower risk for colon cancer, liver cancer, gall stones, cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Ha! The lower diabetes risk is here too! That’s what I listed for my benefit in the 1st post! 🙂 I wonder if that’s why I developed gestational diabetes in 2 out 3 of my pregnancies (first one I wasn’t tested) – I gave up all caffeine!

    • Jessica Parent says

      I get in a very BAD mood when I don’t/can’t have my coffee 😮 Lol -WATCH OUT! I admit on a few occasions I have actually cried when it got spilled or I ran out …so I know it improves moods, at least mine. I did not know however that it boosted athletic performance or reduces cavities (guess that is the plus side of my coffee stained teeth 😉 )

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      Wow the headache thing does for me lowers diabetes too wow !!

    • Interesting on the “stops headaches” note – it depends what kind of headache, and also the long term effect. Caffeine has been directly linked to migraine headaches and I’ve discovered it myself when experimenting with my diet. (see “heal your headache” by dr. David Bucholtz). It can get rid of a headache immediately although the long term effects on migraine sufferers is debatable… I cut out coffee for years – stopped cold turkey – to see if it helped my migraines – and it did! then I had a baby…. lol!

      • Mandi Gilliam says

        Coffee has been beneficial and detriment to my migraines/headaches. Just depends on the day. But mostly it does help me. I miss coffee!!!

    • Good to know since diabetes and all types of cancer run in my family..I guess I better start dranking coffee

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      Reduces CAVITIES?!? What?!?? Definitely wished I had known that sooner!! Coffee has a lot of amazing benefits that I didn’t know about! Ugh this whole thread just depresses me that I don’t have something reliable to make coffee with 🙁 I want a cup of coffee soo bad!!

      • Karen Hinkle says

        who knew all that from coffee well I guess I better drink up more I am a hypoglycemic so I guess I better add a couplel more cups pluse I am a bear before I get my coffee in the morning but arnt we all LOL

      • CoffeeTime says

        Hei Mandi,
        We’ll figure something out!
        Do not get depressed – Get Joyful that now you know all that!

        • Mandi Gilliam says

          I would love to have my coffee back!!! It really has been awful!! I went from drinking several cups everyday to nothing 🙁 I miss my coffee machine OH SO MUCH!! It was how I started my day everyday. So my mornings now feel incomplete. It also helped with migraines. And even stress relief…. Dying to have a coffee machine again 🙂

          • Rebecca Swenor says

            I made my own “coffee pot” with boiling water and then put coffee in a paper towel (strong won) over the bowl. I than poured the hot water in hans coffee ready to drink.

      • I make mine with a mug, a teaspoon and a regular kettle….

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Love all the info. Every time I see something I didn’t know I am always talking to people about what I have learned. As far as the headaches go, doctor has told me drink a cup of coffee or soda with caffeine and take motron.

    • Helps with headaches because caffeine opens up the blood vessels which helps stop the headache.
      Do you have research to back up the diabetes claim? I am a coach for pre-diabetes and this would be some helpful information for my participants.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I get headaches when I go without coffee -LOL (guess it may be caffeine withdrawl cuz it stops once I get some)

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        Yep it is withdrawal i get same thing so does my oldest son who also loves coffee. He is 23 yrs old.

  5. CoffeeTime says


    So just what does coffee contain that gives it such healthful properties?
    Courtesy of Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, WebMD contributor

    1. Coffee beans contain disease-ravaging antioxidants, called quinines, which become more potent after roasting. According to an American Chemical Society news release, coffee is the leading source of antioxidants in American diets — in part because we drink a ton of it.

    2. This type of antioxidant, along with the magnesium found naturally in coffee, affect blood sugar levels and are thought to be responsible for the link to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

    3. Coffee also contains trigonelline, an antibacterial compound that not only gives it a wonderful aroma but may be a factor in preventing dental caries.

    4. Caffeine is another ingredient that offers health benefits. In the Parkinson’s studies, evidence points to caffeine as the factor at work in retarding the disease. Caffeine also helps ease head pain, which is why it’s widely used in headache medications.

    Caffeine can stimulate the brain and nervous system, and thus help fight fatigue and boost athletic performance. Two cups of coffee can usually give you an athletic boost.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Interesting! I have never heard that it can prevent cavities…maybe why I have always developed them during and right after being pregnant!

      • CoffeeTime says

        Keep in mind that you gotta get a lot of Calcium before, during and after pregnancy!
        When we are pregnant there’s a de-calcification happening in our bodies, as we do feed our babies.
        Teeth take a brunt due to pregnancy condition. It’s important to go with healthy teeth into pregnancy and check them after it!

        Also TIP: If you drink green tea more than 2 cups a day, calcium is leaching from your bones.
        What To Do? Eat lots of Fresh Green Leafy Veggies! Then you get benefits of green tea and all that you do.
        Oh, physical activity like weight lifting improves your bones, too!

        • When I was pregnant with my son my calcium depleted so much my tooth broke in half. After he was born I had to get it fixed. I have a cap on it now.

        • Mandi Gilliam says

          GOT MY TUBES TIED!!!! After 3 beautiful children!! But still very helpful information!!! I am writing it all down!!

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      Interesting no wonder whybi haven’t had cavaties for 2 yearss!!

    • wow! this definitely justifies the morning break!! It’s called caring for my body 😛

    • I have never heard the cavities thing…yup definitely need to drank more coffee

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I always loved coffee. I had started drinking coffee my senior yr in high school. It was my savor when I was in college. I have read that people with fibromyalgia are lacking in magnesium.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I love that at least one of my “addictions” has positive health benefits 😀

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      I’m drinking SODA right now for the caffeine I miss from my coffee!!!! Aghhhh!!!!! Not good!!!!

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Green Coffee – is unroasted coffee beans.
    Roasting destroys some of the benefits of coffee beans, that’s why using raw beans in some cases is more beneficial. Like in Weight Loss.

    What are the facts of actual benefit of losing weight when taking these supplements?

    – Per a few small studies, poeple who took green coffee lost 3 to 5 pounds more than those who didn’t
    – Green Coffee may lower blood sugar and block fat buildup
    – It seems to lower high blood pressure in some people (there was a small study on this one)

    Be Ware –>

    – There are not set dozes of How Much of Green Coffee one needs to obtain weight loss benefits
    – Active Ingredients in Green Coffee supplements vary widely from maker to maker! Always check the doses per serving

    And yes, ask a medical professional when it comes to any supplements you wish to take on board.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      Oops posted the last one in the wrong box!

    • Brianna Ketchum says

      Wow I never knew there was green coffee ill have tk check this out

    • Never heard of green coffee

      • Karen Hinkle says

        me either where do you get it and dose it taste any diffrent

        • CoffeeTime says

          There are a lot of brands with Green Coffee supplements.
          When it became hype I just took a note on it. There are some brands that are organic and Non-GMO.
          I think a few pitched me to review them. I never did. Let me look up what I have saved and will let you know.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I have never heard of the green coffee that is very interesting. I am going to have to try that. Where do you get it though?

    • Jessica Parent says

      When I used to work overnights I used to eat a few chocolate covered coffee beans to help get through til 7 am (yes they had green beans too….but I never got them nor heard of them before I saw them/figured they were “organic” Lol ) They are SO yummy (but expensive) but def. gave me the “kick” I needed….never knew they were also good for me.Next time I get a few I’ll try the green ones 🙂 Not that the chocolate covered ones will be doing me any weight loss favors

    • Mandi Gilliam says

      I have never even heard of green coffee?!? Green tea… Yes…. Coffee? No!! I will have to try that!!!

    • it was an awesome topic btw, can we do one on the benefits of CHOCOLATE??!! lol! keep me posted on that one…

  7. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’ve tried them and not noticed any weight loss…then again I don’t exactly take them like I am supposed too. I am horrible about remembering to take pills especially when they have to be taken 30 minutes before eating!

    • CoffeeTime says

      There are so many elements in play: like doses, amount of Actives in a dose, what your lifestyle is.
      There’s no panacea to weight loss through supplements alone!
      It’s a Lifestyle Change!
      Supplements boost your speed if you add them to your changing lifestyle habits.

  8. Hello good morning! I am interested in gaining weight! I have tried eating more and nothing !

    • neko, why do you want to gain? if you’re eating healthy balanced meals 3x a day, you’re good! unless you’re really underweight, then maybe get tested for celiac disease….

    • CoffeeTime says

      I am in agreement with Menu: if you are healthy and live happily with a healthy and active lifestyle – celebrate it!
      This is your genom expression and you need to acknowledge it and appreciate it. Just have it in a healthy way!

    • Maybe protein bar…I know ppl eat them to bulk up

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Ok Neko hate to say this but you could have a parasite too. So you may want to be checked. I had watched something on this subject when it was on Dr Oz. Some are not detected until they are active. It was very gross and scary episode.

  9. Good Morning Ladies!! It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL Day here in OHIO!!

  10. Mandi Gilliam says

    I love my amcoffee with “no coffee” conversations lol. It helps me get through the day!! Thank you for all that you do!! You know I really respect and love what you do here!! This is where I always come to learn something new!

    • CoffeeTime says

      THANK YOU!

      That’s what binds us together, creates connections that last.
      And what a great way to get to know each other and learn from each other!

    • Karen Hinkle says

      I love it to I never want to miss one day I will miss some great information that I could use

    • Jessica Parent says

      My sister can’t drink coffee (its against her religion) I told her to come and have “un-coffee” chat with us 🙂 Maybe she finally will if I tell her there are other non-coffee drinkers here 😀 Lol

      • Mandi Gilliam says

        LOL!! I want to drink coffee but I need a machine lol

      • Mandi Gilliam says

        But SHHHH don’t tell her that!!! Hahahaha

      • CoffeeTime says

        It’s about connections we make here?
        Does it matter what we drink here? Grab a glass of water and walk with it!

        Plus, we are going to branch to our AFTERNOON TEA sessions, once we get this group going!

        • Rebecca Swenor says

          That is going to be awesome. I have been telling everyone about the AM Coffee. I tell them it is like going and having coffee with the girls but you are at home. I also mention the chance or winning a prize because that gets some of them interested. The more I talk about it the better chance they will come and get addicted like me 🙂

        • Jessica Parent says

          I know that!! Lol -She can’t/won’t drink tea either or most sodas (Its the caffeine that’s against the religion I believe) Ill get her sucked into a weight loss Wednesday after she has her baby next month 😉 Im determined to get her to check it out here.

  11. Karen Hinkle says

    well had a great time with you all hubby is wanting to go so I will see you all later thanks for the great information and the chat see you all tommorrow

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