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June 18 – Metabolic Syndrome Heads Up
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METABOLIC SYNDROME… We need to be mindful of what it is and be proactive with our lifestyle and when the symptoms do crop up.

Metabolic Syndrome is a quartet of 4 major health risk factors: heart diseases, hypertension, insulin resistance (diabetes) and obesity. Each of these risk factors can easily produce a myriad of other sub-syndromes within a body.

Let’s look at the overall picture with our best friend WebMD and remind ourselves of what we need to be aware of to keep our bodies humming and  performing as they should.

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  1. CoffeeTime says

    AM COFFEE – Sign In! HELLO, Everyone!

    We’ve been along this path of metabolic syndrome with you all. However, it does pay off to be reflective – even repetitive – to keep this reminder FRESH in our minds.

    Only when we are clearly AWARE of something, we can make PROACTIVE steps to change something.

    • What have you been doing to improve your living during this summer?

    sign in am coffee

  2. CoffeeTime says
  3. CoffeeTime says

    Metabolic syndrome is not a disease in itself. Instead, it’s a group of risk factors — high blood pressure, high blood sugar, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and abdominal fat.

    Obviously, having any one of these risk factors isn’t good. But when they’re combined, they set the stage for grave problems. These risk factors double your risk of blood vessel and heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. They increase your risk of diabetes by five times.

    The good news is that metabolic syndrome can be controlled, largely with changes to your lifestyle.

    Reminder is here what is the cause of this vicious cycle –> REFRESH YOUR MEMORY ON INFLAMMATION

    Some risk factors are:

    – Insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that helps your body use glucose — a simple sugar made from the food you eat – as energy. In people with insulin resistance, the insulin doesn’t work as well so your body keeps making more and more of it to cope with the rising level of glucose. Eventually, this can lead to diabetes. Insulin resistance is closely connected to having excess weight in the belly.
    – Obesity – especially abdominal obesity. Experts say that metabolic syndrome is becoming more common because of rising obesity rates. In addition, having extra fat in the belly — as opposed to elsewhere in the body — seems to increase your risk.
    – Unhealthy lifestyle. Eating a diet high in fats and not getting enough physical activity can play a role.
    – Hormonal imbalance. Hormones may play a role. For instance, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a condition that affects fertility — is related to hormonal imbalance and metabolic syndrome.

    If you have any of these –> it’s a wake up call and you gotta see the doctor.

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I don’t have any of the risk factors although I do need to exercise more!

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      Yikes, this is not good news for me. I have extra belly fat (have always), there is definitely something wrong with my hormones although I’m yet to be diagnosed and I’m almost prediabetic. At least I was, I’ve lost weight since then. I also eat better. I feel like I’m on the road to a healthier me.

    • I need to work harder to stop eatting junk. Some of these do rin in my family

      • CoffeeTime says

        Working harder on this one only would torment you.
        You know what could help? Try this for a kicker –>
        – Walking: yep, 15-minute walking could bring you tremendous changes within your body and would contribute, steop-by-step, to a better blood sugar control (it’s that extra insulin floating in your blood stream that makes you hungry)
        – Peaceful reflection: spend 10-15 minutes a day to reflect and just to breath. From my personal experience, I am where I am in my life due to this small change I made 20 years ago that shifted my thinking. –> Thinking is Creating. One of the most powerful – and affordable – tools you can engage in now!

        • Need to comment here as I am a Life Coach for a Pre Diabetes program.
          Losing 7% of your body weight and increasing your physical activity to at least a minimum of 150 mins a week. If both are done within a years time your risk of diabetes is greatly decreased (Laura, I can link the research study to my claim if you would like).

          On another note, individuals that are dx with pre diabetes in a 10 year period of time they will develop diabetes if they do nothing. The trick here is to make it a LIFESTYLE change, not just a diet that you go on, lose the weight. That is pointless as you will continue with your unhealthy habits that brought you where you started.

        • Thia Beniash says

          very interesting. thanks. i so need to get back to my nightly walks.

      • CoffeeTime says

        Working harder on this one only would torment you.
        You know what could help? Try this for a kicker –>
        – Walking: yep, 15-minute walking could bring you tremendous changes within your body and would contribute, step-by-step, to a better blood sugar control (it’s that extra insulin floating in your blood stream that makes you hungry)
        – Peaceful reflection: spend 10-15 minutes a day to reflect and just to breath. From my personal experience, I am where I am in my life due to this small change I made 20 years ago that shifted my thinking. –> Thinking is Creating. One of the most powerful – and affordable – tools you can engage in now!

        • kaen hinkle says

          I have been eating a lot better and moving more I have been not eating all the bad stuff to much but have been doing real well

      • try finding “healthy” junk to replace it with. it’s always easier to do something instead instead of totally stopping something. also, make sure you don’t have temptation lying around the house…

        • @menu
          You have have that temptation just eat it in moderation. Do not deprive yourself of the “junk” then you will set yourself up for failure in losing weight and even changing your eating habits.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      Stress is a factor in inflammation also I think. Great reminders. 🙂

    • Good info. I think Im just go refill me water glass. I think water is the key to being healthy and is a big factor in all of the above.

    • Interesting, I wonder if this counts. I’m about 10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight (which was smack in the middle of my healthy BMI) and it’s all in my belly. I’m REALLY having trouble shedding it – I don’t know if it’s the breastfeeding hormones, or the mini pill, or maybe it’s this. But last night, I was lying in bed and couldn’t get comfortable because of my ribs and I realized that this dieting is just making me lose weight where I don’t need to and still not taking care of my hanging belly. I will discuss it with my doctor.

      • @Menu
        When you exercise are your doing any type of core activities?
        When you do crunches or sit ups, are you holding your sides in (doing this will help those muscles that were stretched during pregnancy)?

        • I do exercise walk.s I’m extremely out of shape so it’s a slow process happening but that’s what I find actually happens. does that count as core activities?

          • @Menu
            Core activities would be things such as planks. They work your core which will build your middle to be stronger (helps your back as well).
            I have found Pilates as a great overall workout. Even being extremely out of shape you can modify the moves to what you can do.

      • CoffeeTime says

        Keep in mind that your body will lose fat first where it got “stuck” to last.
        So, when you lose weight, you first will notice loss of inches from the places that gained it last.
        Also, there are so many factors that need to be pondered over: What kind of diet are you on? What do you do for exercise?
        A good lower abs exercise is this, and you could see the effects in as soon as one week:

        From a hanging position, lift your knees to your chest. Do 3 sets of 15-20, and increase the number of reps every 2 days.

        I’ve got mine in shape very quickly.

        • I actually didn’t gain anywhere other than my stomach, but I’m losing from those other places now. I didn’t gain enough weight during pregnancy, but all I lost was a few pounds… I’m not on a specific diet – just focusing on replacing bad foods with better (snacking on lettuce or carrots instead of chips) and eating balanced meals. I walk for exercise…

    • wendy c g says

      I have extra belly fat. I gained weight since my surgeries. This is good information to know.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Luckily at the moment I don’t have any of these issues (besides a few inches of abdominal fat and imbalanced hormones from the pregnancy and breastfeeding)

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Unfortunately see too many Dr.’s regularly. But is definitely good advice the sooner you get help the better 🙂

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I have diabetes and several other medical problems. I see a lot of specialists for my problems

  4. CoffeeTime says

    am coffee

    GOOD NEWS —> Experts say you can prevent metabolic syndrome in the same way you would treat it. You need to make sensible changes to your lifestyle.

    Here’s What You Can Start Immediately:
    – Exercise. Start slowly. The American Heart Association recommends, if possible, that you gradually step up to exercising on most days of the week for 30-60 minutes. Consult your health care provider if you have any physical limitations or concerns.
    – Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low fat dairy, and go easy on the saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol, and salt.
    – Lose weight if you’re overweight.
    – Quit smoking if you smoke – now.
    – Schedule regular checkups with your doctor. Since metabolic syndrome doesn’t have symptoms, you need regular doctor visits to check your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

    One 2005 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed how well lifestyle changes could prevent metabolic syndrome. Researchers looked at more than 3,200 people who already had impaired glucose tolerance, a pre-diabetic state. One group was instructed to make lifestyle changes. They exercised 2.5 hours a week and ate a low- calorie, low-fat diet. After three years, people in the lifestyle group were 41% less likely to have metabolic syndrome than those who got no treatment. The lifestyle changes were also about twice as effective as using a diabetes medicine, Glucophage.

    Of course, if you already have some of the risk factors, your odds of getting metabolic syndrome are higher. You need to work hard to prevent it. You must not wait if you have:

    – Unhealthy cholesterol levels
    – High blood pressure
    – High blood sugar
    – Excess weight, particularly around the belly

    Losing as little as 10% of your body weight can help lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol levels.
    metabolic syndrome alert

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      I do need to lose weight and I am bad about seeing the Dr too

    • Yup I got some belly fat I need to get rid of

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      It’s reassuring that this can be reversed. The study is promising. I’ve done most the things on the list (quit smoking 3 years ago, eating better, exercising) so at least I’m on the right track.

      • @Jennifer
        This study is based on Diabetes and once you have Diabetes you will always have it. The damage to your body is already done. You can manage it and fall off the diabetic range. But you have damaged your body and will always be diabetic.

        Not saying you are just a piece of information

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      It is weird because my blood pressure varieties a lot. Some times when I go docs it is super high and other times it is excellent. I know that pain can bring your blood pressure up though but with normal pain or no pain mine can be up.

    • After reading this, I just get so frustrated because I live in Wv and from November to April, its so cold I cant get outside to exercise, and that means doing it in the house which is so hard.

      • Barbara, there are so many other ways to get physical activity in when you stuck in the house.

        Doing crunches during commercial breaks.
        Holding planks making it a contest to see how long you can do it.
        Using your stairs in your house,
        Running in place

      • CoffeeTime says

        Let’s get the best out of it!
        Let’s get some online videos that would help you.
        Also, there are yoga and strength exercises that do not take space, but produce great results.

    • thanks to my husband I’ve hardly had transfats since I’m married. And I’m trying to exercise but we AGAIN left the stroller in the car which is by my husband!! Is it safe to wear my baby at 8 months on an exercise walk?

      • CoffeeTime says

        Safety comes to your health when you wear your baby certain ways for an extended period of time.
        Watch for your back, lower back as it certainly gets the brunt of the walking with extra weight.
        Also, knees need to be taken into consideration.
        It is when you power walk with an extra weight.
        When you do it for a light stroll, it’s OK.
        This is my humble opinion.

        • so maybe I’ll try for a 5 minute power walk with him? does that make sense? Also if I do it just a few times, not regularly? it’s the third day in a row I’m skipping… if not we’ll just do a stroll, just to keep it in the routine.

      • Amanda Alvarado says

        Menu I wore my dd until she was 5 and almost 50 lbs! Of course I wasn’t exercising or walking a lot most of the time but when we visited NYC, I had her in a soft carrier most of the time….she even took naps while I was carrying her!

    • Chiming in here because you are quoting the program I teach.

      The program group had a 59% success rate and the medicine group had a 30% success rate. This study legally had to be stopped as the third group of people had such a high success rate that they were surpassing the other two groups.
      Anyone that wants to read about the study and the program GOOGLE “Pre Diabetes Prevention Program”. It is under the CDC.

    • wendy c g says

      I’m doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I’m want to be more active.

    • Jessica Parent says

      I have to get to work on the belly fat but really HATE exercising 😉

    • Virginia Rogers says

      Need to do so many of these, unfortunately cannot exercise, but have been working on eating habits, was very excited lost 10 lbs. in one month, now they cannot get my potassium regulated has gone from too low to too high 🙂

    • thia Beniash says

      i dont need to lose weight but i need to burn belly fat

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I do a lot of the things on the list.

  5. CoffeeTime says

    Under the Affordable Care Act, many health insurance plans will cover preventive care services, including blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, at no cost to you.

    Learn More Here

  6. CoffeeTime says

    Courtesy Mayo Clinic

    Metabolic syndrome is linked to your body’s metabolism, possibly to a condition called insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas that helps control the amount of sugar in your bloodstream.

    Normally, your digestive system breaks down the foods you eat into sugar (glucose). Your blood carries the glucose to your body’s tissues, where the cells use it as fuel. Glucose enters your cells with the help of insulin. In people with insulin resistance, cells don’t respond normally to insulin, and glucose can’t enter the cells as easily. As a result, glucose levels in your blood rise despite your body’s attempt to control the glucose by churning out more and more insulin. The result is higher than normal levels of insulin in your blood. This can eventually lead to diabetes when your body is unable to make enough insulin to keep the blood glucose within the normal range.

    Even if your levels aren’t high enough to be considered diabetes, an elevated glucose level can still be harmful. In fact, some doctors refer to this condition as “prediabetes.” Increased insulin resistance raises your triglyceride level and other blood fat levels. It also interferes with how your kidneys work, leading to higher blood pressure. These combined effects of insulin resistance put you at risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other conditions.

    Combination of factors

    Insulin resistance probably involves a variety of genetic and environmental factors. Some people may be genetically prone to insulin resistance. But being overweight and inactive are major contributors.
    metabolic syndrome causes

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      My mom just went through this! She is now considered diabetic even though she’ snot on medication. She has completely changed her eating habits and what she eats and has been maintaining her sugar levels through diet alone!

      • Jennifer Hiles says

        This is something I am very aware of. I have many aunts, uncles, grandparents and now my mom all have diabetes. That’s scary. But being aware of the risk factors and improving my health is making me feel better about it. A huge motivator is my daughter. I want to be alive and healthy to watch her grow up.

    • Both my mammaws were diabetes.
      My cousin had kidney stones that messed with her pancreas now she has pancreatitis and is now a diabetic. .she is in and out of the hospital constantly due to these issues

      • kaen hinkle says

        I am border line so I really have to watch it that’s why the amcoffee is so great giving me lots of information and great advice I am so blessed to have found you all

    • I would love to check my sugar level. I seen months ago that on FB someone was giving away free sugar monitors. Now I wish I would have got one.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      This runs in my family on my moms side mostly. My mom was on 5 shots a day and now none. She is controlling it with her diet. The doc said that her sugar levels are not to high and I had always thought that when you start the shots you are on them for life.

      • @Rebecca
        You can maintain your blood sugar. However, you are still diabetic even if your numbers are out of range.

    • wendy c g says

      My mom is diabetic and so was my grandmother. My doctor is a we are and checks me for it.

    • wendi watson says

      so far i am very fortunate to not have any issues…my blood pressure is perfect says my Dr. and i do exercise and i try to wat well

    • Virginia Rogers says

      One of the few issues have had no signs of, thank goodness 🙂

    • Jessica Parent says

      We have quite of few diabetics in the family yet I personally have never struggled with my sugar levels my sister has-she has been able to control her high levels with a complete change of diet as well

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      It’s something that runs in my family so i’m monitored closely.

  7. CoffeeTime says

    One of the potent proactive steps to prevent and deal with Metabolic Syndrome is FIBER!

    Eat fiber-rich foods. Make sure you include whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. These items are packed with dietary fiber, which can lower your insulin levels.

    Here’s one more potent reminder of the FIBER benefits.
    metabolic syndrome prevention

    • Amanda Alvarado says

      My mom has been eating mainly fruits and veggies and has cut out most meat. I eat fruits and veggies but I know I need to eat more.

    • W3 love all these qnd try to have some everyday

    • Jennifer Hiles says

      I’m pretty good at getting fiber in my diet but I was unaware that it can lower your insulin levels. That is VERY good information to know! I’m really glad I joined this conversation. I will make even more of an effort to include fiber now.

    • I think Im good in this category. Like Ive said before, We grow a big garden each year and I home preserve everything. I think over 200 jars a year.

    • I started doing this when I was preg and a little backed up (excuse me) and the habit stuck! I should make some broccoli soup – it’s been a while…

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I was grow up eating veggies and fruit. My kids have too and love all fruits and veggies even for snacks.

    • wendy c g says

      I’ve been eating more veggies and fruits. I also been making smoothies with spinach, kale, coconut water and different fruits.

      • kaen hinkle says

        and fiber you can eat as much as you want it is good for you I have been out picking my strawberries they are finally in and so yummie

    • wendi watson says

      I am a fruit and veggie nut! I always try to make sure there is a veggie with every meal for my kids and always try to make sure there are fruits and things to eagt here at the house (there are other snacks too)

    • Virginia Rogers says

      I love fresh fruits and veggies try to eat as often as can although hard to keep long when only get taken shopping once a month. 🙂

    • Jessica Parent says

      I love veges !!! (Wish I had passed that onto my kids-who hate almost all of them and it is a battle to get them into the kids)

    • Cynthia Dubuque says

      I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. They’re best grilled in the summer and sauteed in the winter. Raw cabbage is really good.

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