Women and Unique Difficulties to Lose Weight #AMCoffee

Our Unique Difficulties to Lose Weight


weight loss womenDick Talens a renowned professional in the fitness area who coached many hundreds of women to success shared his perspective on the uniqueness when it comes to weight loss for women.

Being the person who had a close experience while leading, living through, connecting to women’s issues while they were marching, running, trotting to their summits of success – I’d like to share his thoughts and his reflection on a very vital subject:

Unique Difficulties Women Face When Actively Trying to Lose Weight

I will be using his points he emphasizes as he learned them first hand.



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    Here are the points we need to understand first:

    ” Total calories burned in a day = Resting metabolism + Thermic effect of intentional activity + Thermic effect of food + Thermic effect from non-exercise activity

    Resting metabolic rate (RMR): The amount of calories that are required in order to maintain normal bodily functions, hormones, etc.

    Thermic effect of intentional activity: Activities burned from moving around all day.

    Thermic effect of food (TEF): Calories burned from the process of eating your food and turning it into usable substrates.

    Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT): Calories burned from spontaneous activity that your body undertakes. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to directly impact NEAT, so we’re going to save this for another day.”

  3. am coffee

    Weight Loss is A Biologically Difficult Task for Women

    Dick Talens says:

    ” In your average person, resting metabolism accounts for about 70% of total calories burned in the day. Yep, that means most of your calories are spent just “staying alive,” even if you just lie in bed all day. Of the calories required by the RMR, a large majority (85%) can be explained by fat free mass as muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat. Accordingly, people with more muscle have higher resting metabolic rates, and this accounts for most of the explained variation in RMR between individuals.

    So what happens when people over-consume calories with no additional exercise? Most people know that your body stores most of these calories as fat. What you might not know, however, is that your body partitions some extra calories as muscle—even without additional exercise. Yes, some people gain muscle by just overeating, as seen in one study where participants were overfed 1000 Calories per day for 10 days.

    Hurray! Cici’s Pizza Buffet for everyone, right? Not so fast. Those are the lucky few, and if you’re female, chances are this doesn’t apply to you. This is because the amount of muscle you gain from overfeeding seems to depend on the amount of testosterone that you have, and women have about 10% of the testosterone of men.”

    woman doing lounges

  4. amcoffee

    Women are More Self-Critical to Themselves

    “This is detrimental to progress. Self-criticism, in place of self-compassion, acts to foil positive progress. It leads to over-aggressive dieting and exercise, then self-punishment and guilt upon the realisation that it isn’t sustainable—classic yoyo dieting mentality.”

    Dr. Kristin Neff, one of the pioneers in research of self-compassion, says this –>

    “Women tend to be a little less self-compassionate and more self-critical than men. From an evolutionary perspective, this is because women are more threat-focused—focused on dangers in order to keep their babies alive and pass on their genes. Women are also a lot more compassionate toward others than men are. The discrepancy between how women treat themselves and how they treat others is bigger than it is with men.”

    We gotta be more loving and self-compassionate to ourselves first. Then what we do, no matter in what area of our live, we will get more progress with less stress, as LOVE to our own selves would prevent the harshness of unnecessary self-critisizm.

    • karen hinkle says

      oh I think this is so true and you know what I am going to start and say I love me for me I did just start back up giving up carbs and more protine and it is going well I do break down and have a little carbs don’t want to stop my plan so I give me just a little

  5. amcoffee

    Monthly Hormones Are the Power to Reckon With

    Woman’s body weight can easily go up and down in pounds during the month thanks to the endocrine system that regulates and does its “magic” in our complex bodies.

    Imagine you were dieting and exercising religiously only to end up feeling and looking bigger, heavier? Our system does it to us. Many women cannot comprehend or understand it and get frustrated with their ongoing results. And many do not want to deal with it and simply… quit.

    The research shows that “serotonin levels are lower prior to menstruation. This gives rise to depressive symptoms and emotional eating, compounded by intense cravings and weaker self-control.”

    Hard to go against the brain’s hormones!

    Understanding it and doing positive things like even more walking, spending time with people you love and like being around, doing things you enjoy —> all that would keep you and me on the track of our lives.

    niagara falls rainbow

    • karen hinkle says

      oh and I find this true to being around ppl and have adult conversations is great way to keep on tract it makes u feel better and eat less

  6. amcoffee

    A Million Decisions to Make By Us Women Daily

    How does that affect our weight loss unique difficulty? Here’s how –> Decisions Impact Your Available Willpower.

    Look at this experiment.

    ” In 1999, Professor Baba Shiv (currently at Stanford) and his co-author Alex Fedorikhin did a simple experiment on 165 grad students.They asked half to memorize a seven-digit number and the other half to memorize a two-digit number. After completing the memorization task, participants were told the experiment was over, and then offered a snack choice of either chocolate cake or a fruit bowl.

    The participants who memorized the seven-digit number were nearly 50% more likely than the other group to choose cake over fruit. Researchers were astonished by a pile of experiments that led to one bizarre conclusion: Willpower and cognitive processing draw from the same pool of resources.”

    chocolate strawberry cake

  7. amcoffee

    Environmental Hazards?

    What we mean here is the following:

    – Portion Sizes
    At Cheese Factory, as an example, a portion size could be a daily intake of calories for a Man! It is almost a double amount of calories for a woman!

    – Cardio vs Weight Lifting
    When it comes to losing weight, both types of exercises are A MUST!
    However the programs at the gyms when selling us a “weight loss training plan” do not do a thing right that would bring our weight down with their segregation on who does what and for how long.

    Each person is an individual body and soul. Some women could easier lose weight with more cardio. Some, due to their hormonal eco-system, could do much better with certain weight lifting.

    But what they forget to tell you is that FOOD choices play a huge role in the plan to lose weight. Actually, what you eat is exceptionally important as this is something you would like to adopt as your lifestyle! NOBODY in this market place is doing it the way our womanly bodies cry for it.

    To lose weight is one thing. To keep the pounds OFF –> quite a different story.

    • karen hinkle says

      really did not know that but when u go to the gym no one tells u what to do and how to do it you are kind of on your own

  8. amcoffee

    Where Do We Go from Here?

    Here are some things that you could adopt and test and start practicing in your daily life:

    • Be ok with only losing 0.5-1 lbs per week. Women need fewer calories than men, so any reduction in intake comes as a larger portion of your daily needs. Therefore, weight loss has to happen more slowly. Don’t rush things through aggressive cardio or diet. Remember, even at this pace you’re still losing 30-50 lbs in one year.
    • Measure your weight month-over-month. This will account for your the hormonal impact on water retention. At the very least, don’t step on the scale when you know that you’re retaining water for hormonal reasons.
    • Obsess over ROI. You’re already making tons of decisions every day. Cut out all decisions that don’t have a tangible impact on your results.
    • Strength train. Be wary of “advice” dictating that women should have completely different fitness protocols. For the most part, women would get better results better lifting relatively heavy weights than anything that resembles a Tracy Anderson routine.
    • Follow other women who have had fitness success. They’ll understand some of your difficulties. I highly recommend FitNGeeky’s YouTube videos, such as this one on women and strength training or the reasons she got into fitness. Communities like Reddit’s xxfitness or Girls Gone Strong are great to follow as well.

    We are not FAT, we have accumulated fat in our bodies that has ability to be used and burned and transformed into what we are thinking it to be!

    Be compassionate to your needs, your lifestyle, your Page of Life you are living in right now, like Today.


    Your positive view of yourself would pump more positive hormones into your body and you are to feel more inclined to keep on your path living your life, achieving milestones and sharing your life UNIQUENESS in Weight Loss with all of us.


  9. amcoffee

    Take a look at this inforgraphic –> NATURAL REHAB IN THE KITCHEN.

    It is about juicing. But what I would like you to pay attention on it is the section about INGREDIENTS THAT REJUVENATE. You will learn a thing or two!

    natural rehab in your kitchen

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