New You Before New Year – Celery Benefits #AMCoffee

What Is It About Celery? Reminders that Make a Difference Hashtag #AMCoffee Come over at 10:30 AM EST today and let's see what Celery does for the body. Truly amazing. The miracles are right here, living, growing, being available to us on the … [Read more...]

Grapefruit Health Benefits Anybody Can Take Advantage Of #AMCoffee

Golden Health Benefits of A Grapefruit HASHTAG: #AMCoffee For decades, grapefruit health benefits have been linked to different conditions of the body. Be it weight loss or flu prevention, the benefits are there. What is lacking is our regular … [Read more...]

Light Jogging to Lengthen Your Life + A Dozen Ways to Shorten It #AMCoffee

Jogging To A Longer Life HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Longer life without health sounds cheesy. So many factors we need to throw into a mix what makes us healthier, happier and gives us more years of vibrant living! What we do know is that quality food … [Read more...]

Radiation Sources In Your Daily Life You Need To Be Aware Of #AMCoffee

Radiation Sources in Your Daily Life We'll be LIVE 10:30 AM EST HASHTAG: #AMCoffee Be Daily Part of #AMCoffee Conversations & Prizes Grab a cup 'o Joe and share what's on your mind during this hour We live in a world that is … [Read more...]

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